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About me

Liliana Lafranchi with camera

Hi! I'm Liliana
Swiss photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am passionate about beautiful things and I always strive to look for the bright side of life.

My first photography love is food photography. This was even long before I was a photographer! I naturally started working forrestaurants and food-brands between Ticino, where I come from, and Zurich, where I currently live. Later I expanded my services to include brand photography because I fell in love with its creative aesthetic.

I adore working with enthusiastic business owners who are passionate about what they do. Yes, I am on the same page! It's a pleasure to capture their stories and showcase their brand through my lens. Behind the scenes is my multitalented husband Gabri, who helps me with many tasks, such as videography and IT.

Have a look at my portfolio and if you like my work, get in touch with me.
I'd love the opportunity to work with you!


Liliana Lafranchi

Restaurant photography

Every business has a story to tell. Through my pictures I will cherish the soul of your Restaurant, that will arise emotions in your future clients making them think “that's where I want to eat out next”!

Liliana Lafranchi

Branding Photography

Your website is now your business card. Give your visitors a fantastic first impression! With my pictures, I can help you gain more customers.

Liliana Lafranchi

Food Styling &
Product photography

Food, hand-crafts or small items? With my images I create emotions by capturing these products and giving them their true colours and textures back.

Liliana Lafranchi

Food Videography

I create curated videos for your restaurant or brand, as well as entertaining short videos for your social media channels.

Liliana Lafranchi

Content creation for social media

Do you need a lot of new content for your social media and is your business in Zurich? I'm here to help you. I'll come regularly to your location and provide you with pictures and videos that you can use for your posts and stories.

Liliana Lafranchi


As an extrovert with an eye for detail and a passion for storytelling, capturing candids or group photos at events is my cup of tea!

Liliana Lafranchi Working At Restaurant


villa castagnola
They say about me

Eine bessere Wahl als Liliana hätten auch wir nicht treffen können

Eine bessere Wahl als Liliana hätten auch wir nicht treffen können. Es geht nicht nur darum, Fotos zu machen, sondern mit jedem Bild die Emotionen des Augenblicks einzufangen. Ein Gericht zu fotografieren, ist nicht selbstverständlich. Bewegung zu erzeugen und die Seele des Gerichtes einzufangen ist eine Aufgabe, die viel Aufmerksamkeit erfordert und Liliana hat es geschafft, dies in vollem Umfang zu tun. Ihre Fotos sind in der Lage, die Kunstwerke darzustellen, die unsere Chefs für unsere Kunden schafft.

Antonella Archidiacono

Sales & Marketing Manager

Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola Lugano

Based in Zurich, available everywhere

photo of Liliana Lafranchi