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How to Choose the Perfect Outfit for Your Personal Branding Photoshoot

Clothing is an extension of personality, just like your personal brand is. Your personal branding photo session combines your brand and style, so what you wear needs to represent both.

Below are the top five tips for choosing clothes for your photo session.

  1. Pick things you would wear to work. After all, these photos are going to be part of your personal brand and should reflect your everyday business style.

  2. Use a few different outfits. These outfits can differentiate your photos for various purposes. For example, the most professional shots might be taken in a neutral outfit, while the fun ones might be in your brand colors.

  3. Accessorize. The little details matter in professional photographs. These details include belts, shoes, ties, scarves, cuff links, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, etc., depending on your outfit selections.

  4. Test drive your outfits. Try on your outfits to see how they feel, especially as you move. You can always change it up if one doesn't work for you.

  5. If you've already booked with me and you are not sure about your outfits, write me an email. I'll be glad to help! If you haven't already booked but you'd like to know more about a branding photo shoot with me