Liliana Lafranchi

restaurant photography

Photoshoot for a greek Restaurant in Zurich

Oh My Greek! is a very stylish greek bistro in Zurich Kreis 4. I captured the entire menu for their online shop on Uber Eats and I took a good deal of images for Instagram. For the online shop, we needed simple images, where the food was very visible and perfectly fresh. For the social media content, I took creative images, with a mix of only dishes and lifestyle pictures.

dessert greek pita bread with fries greek yogurt

For the social media images, I wanted to show not only how appealing the food is, but also how cool the vibe is.

These pictures have many more elements, and I used different angles to showcase the food from different perspectives.

I.e. tall foods, like the club-sandwich, appear better from a low angle so that you can see its inside.


If you would like to have photos like these for your social media or want to know more about my work, do not hesitate to contact me!